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« Dominique Weber : Why, my love, did we get divorced ? », Ecozon@. European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment, Universidad de Alcalá, vol. 10, n° 2, 2019 : cover picture ; Anne-Rachel Hermetet and Stephanie Posthumus, « Ecological In(ter)ventions in the Francophone World : An Introduction », p. 1-8, especially p. 1-2 ; Damiano Benvegnù, « Editorial », p. 179-182, especially p. 180-181 ; « Creative Writing and Arts », p. 183-186 ( )


Aux lisières du jardin, exhibition booklet, Saint-Quentin, The 115 Art Gallery, 2018, 56 p., with an original text by Cécile A. Holdban « do not desert space »


Mathieu Le Pors, L’apport de l’art et de la réflexion sur l’art aux problématiques réalistes et écologiques contemporaines, Paris, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Master in history of philosophy (« Philosophy of knowledge and language ») under the supervision of Pauline Nadrigny, April 2019, 15 p., especially p. 11-15 (unpublished dissertation)


Emily Breidenbach and Christina Nafziger, « Dominique Weber », Collective Terrain. Forefronting art that expresses humanity’s complicated relationship to land, Issue 1, Friday 21st December 2018 (


Marie-Pierre Griffon, « Les nuances de sol de Dominique Weber », L’Écho du Pas-de-Calais, n° 184, October 2018, p. 24 (online edition :


Kathryn Carter, « nuits nuits nuits », « walking in love » and « burnt », in The Haiku Times, 23rd September 2018, three haikus inspired by three drawings, which can be read at the web address


Dominique Weber : Nuances de sol, exhibition booklet, Arras, The Perched Rat, 2018, 27 p.


Aurore Chevillotte, Philippine Lambla, Ana Lebron De Castro, Clémentine Lypszyc, Mathilde Portejoie and Sara Rottenwöhrer (ed.), Nocturne. L’homme, animal de nuit, exhibition catalogue, Paris, Bertrand Grimont Art Gallery, 2018, 60 p., here p. 23-27



artist books


sein noir, drawings by Alain Lestié and poem by Dominique Weber, Arras, MDL, coll. « XYZ », September 2018, Epson digital print on 265 g/m2 Hahnemühle bamboo paper, with a direct intervention with « nero pencil », book in one 40 x 30 cm sheet of paper (the sheet is folded in four parts, one page is cut out), closed book size 20 x 15 cm, edition of 40 copies which are numbered and signed by both authors

de pluie, de nuit, le sol, seven photographs by Patrick Devresse and eight poems by Dominique Weber, including a graphic poem, Dainville & Saint-Laurent-Blangy, Les Entreliens, October 2018, Epson digital print on 210 g/m2 Canson Infinity photographic rag paper, 12 pages under slipcover shaped by Cartonnages S. Laramée in Paris, 21,5 x 30,5 x 1,8 cm, each box being enriched with a paper collected in the street by Dominique Weber during his walks, variable dimensions, edition of 10 copies which are numbered and signed by both authors


lien profond à l’espace, hitherto unpublished poem by Cécile A. Holdban and engraving by Dominique Weber, March 2019, self-published artist book composed of three Opal Coast stones collected around Cap Gris-Nez by Dominique Weber during his walks, variable dimensions (about 28 x 44 cm), edition of 2 copies which are dated, numbered and signed by both authors


respirer le sol, six photographs and a drawing by Dominique Weber, seven prose texts by Cameron Morin, c.el.a. (cadavre exquis littéraire et artistique) – 7 x 7, December 2019, electronic publication under the supervision of Irma Barda, Salomé Burstein, Milena Charbit and Milena Henochsberg,





« nuits », one graphic poem, in Aurore Chevillotte, Philippine Lambla, Ana Lebron De Castro, Clémentine Lypszyc, Mathilde Portejoie and  Sara Rottenwöhrer (ed.), Nocturne. L’homme, animal de nuit, exhibition catalogue, Paris, Galerie Bertrand Grimont, 2018, p. 24


« sans monde », « en les artères », « les terres nues et lentes », three poems, in Thauma. Revue de philosophie et de poésie, n° 15 (« Pierres » / « Stones »), Februar 2018, p. 82-85


« se fuir, laisse venir », one poem, in Dissonances, n° 33 (« Fuir » / « Getting away »), winter 2017, p. 17 //


« au sol », six poems, in N47. Revue de poésie, n° 31, autumn 2017, p. 83-85 //


« puis la carraire », one poem, in Libelle, n° 293, October 2017, p. 5 //


« elle déprécise », « quant aux étirements », two poems, in 17 secondes. Poésie contemporaine, n° 9, October 2017, p. 41 // 

music labels


2019 : Collaboration with the electronic music label Attic Music (Fabrizio Lapiana, Fabio Milito – Rome / Amsterdam / Berlin – / @atticmusic) – cover of the vinyl record Attic 018 : Rash by Fabrizio Lapiana


2019 : Radio interview with Pierre-Charles Boidin for Radio PFM broadcasted in the program « Info 30 » on Thursday 18th July 2019 and in the program « Attention les oreilles ! » on Sunday 21st July 2019, 24 minutes 33 seconds (99.9 MHz / for the exhibition « On the Edges of the Garden », with Mireille Desideri and Catherine Slowik, The 115 Art Gallery, Saint-Quentin, 19th-24th July 2019